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Close-up of a father helping his son wash his hands and a reminder to make handwashing a family activity.

World Food Program Homepage

Its Not What You Can Do For Your Country It's What Your Country Can Do For You
What can we do for you?
"Line The Pockets of Battered Nations"

( united nations international children's emergency fund )

World Health Organization

State Children's Health Insurance Program

National Child Abuse Hotline for Kids and Parents - assistance in 170 languages
1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

Crisistextline.org - Text to Connect to a Counselor
text home to 741741


National Institute of Mental Health - kidshealth.org

End Violence Against Children

Childrens Global Initiative Against Corporal Punishment

States With Full Abolition of Violence

Fact Monster Teen Homework Helper
khan academy - go to top left of page and hit courses
vocabulary - a plus math

PBS - Programs - pbs home

Scholastic News - Kids Press Corp

International Childrens Peace Prize Winners

Rules and Regulations for Youth Employment - youth.gov
Labor Laws for Teens - youthrules.gov

Wage and Hour Laws for Minors and Teens - Find Law


Teen Girls Are Using More Long-Term Birth Control
Methods Than Before, Study Says

By Kyra Alessandrini (December 15, 2023) Blavity

Parenting Style Can Significantly Influence a Child's
Mental Health, New Study Finds

By DR. KEERTHANA KUMAR (April 3, 2023) GMA

Shouting At Young Children Increases Their Risk of
Mental Health Problems By 50pc, Study Finds

By Sarah Knapton (March 31, 2023) Telegraph

'It's Hard to Focus': Schools Say American Kids Are Hungry
(March 11, 2023) Associated Press

Does Your Teen Need An Exit Strategy? Why Experts
Say Giving Them A 'No Questions Asked' Way To
Leave A Social Situation Is Important

By Casey Clark (May 31 2022) Yahoo

Wales Has Prohibited All Forms Of Corporal Punishment
Here's How They Did It

By No Author (March 17 2022) EVAC

Indian Brothers Win Children's Peace Prize For Waste Project
By MIKE CORDER (November 13 2021) A.P.

Why Schools Are Allowing Kids To Take Mental Health Days
By Bonnie Gibbs Vengrow (November 12 2021) She knows

U.N. Panel Says It Can't Rule On Climate Case Brought By Thunberg
By Emma Farge (October 11 2021) Reuters

Colombia Prohibits All Corporal Punishment Of Children
By No Author (August 17 2021) EVAC

Egyptian 12-Year-Old Teaches Neighbours During School Closure
By Ahmed Fahmy (February 10 2021) Reuters

Scots Advised By SNP Government To Phone 999 If They See
Parents Smacking Their Children

By Simon Johnson (October 12 2020) The Telegraph

UN World Food Programme Wins 2020
Nobel Peace Prize, As Hunger Mounts

By No Author (October 9 2020) U.N.

A Big Myth About Childhood Abuse
By Annie Wright (August 2019) Mighty

Middle School Activists Step Up to Help Malnourished Children
By Sarah Ferguson (May 2018) UNICEF

Headaches, Dizziness Could Be Signs Of Bullying
By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters) (September 2013)

Many Children Grow Up Chained To Beds - Live In Closets - Suffer Constant Bruises And Injuries
Live In Bawdy Homes And Verbally Abused - And They Never Realize All They Have To Do Is
Pick Up The Phone And Dial 911
State Police Directory - State Trooper Association

Sheriff Association

European countries that have don't smack kids' law

Fredericksburg Virginia

(Children's Army is a clandestine type children's right group)

Email: contact@childrensarmy.net

Did you know that hospital emergency rooms also treat mental health
Having a bad mental health crisis, go to the hospital emergency room.

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